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Pixicade Pets Logo

Pixicade Pets App

Pixicade Pets is an app that turns your drawings into virtual pets.


I designed the lettering and mascot for the Pixicade Pets logo and polished the design in Adobe Illustrator


I also designed many of
the app screens, play tested the app, and designed many of the features
of the gameplay.

Pixicade Pets is available for download for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

Pixicade Pets splash screen

There are 5 unique worlds for Pixicade Pets to live in. These include the starter world, amusement park world, rainforest world, big city world, and candy world.

The worlds were designed to be vibrant, exciting, and to coexist with the users’ drawings.

There are 12 minigames within the Pixicade Pets arcade. Each pet world comes with two themed minigames. Users play minigames to collect coins and care for their pets’ needs.


The logos for each minigame were created using the typeface ITC Kabel as a base.

Several iPhones laying in a grid with images of the Pixicade Pets arcade and minigames
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